Learn things faster: Brain hacks to learn things faster

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Brain hacks to learn things faster

Brain hacks to learn things faster

There are moments in life when you have to learn something new, but the catch is you have to do it quick. Maybe it is for an exam or a test or an important presentation or a new tool for working. In that case, you start to panic and end up getting afraid of the task itself. There many amazing ways to trick your brain to learn things faster. These brain hacks are not filled with any complicate steps and even with simple ideas and ways you can learn to do things in a faster way. So, let’s find out about the brain hacks that can help you to learn things faster. (Also read: Keeping your brain active: Ways to keep your mind sharp at any age)

Smarter Ways to Learn Faster

  • Pretend to teach someone else
  • Writing things
  • Take breaks
  • Don’t try to multitask

Pretend to teach someone else
When we are teaching someone we try to break it down in the easiest form of understanding. Same is the case with learning new things. So, according to a study you should try to pretend that you are teaching someone else about your work. This way you will break the information into easier forms.  (Also read: Training tips: How to strengthen your brain for exercise)

Writing things
These days everyone makes notes on their computers and laptops. However, sometimes when we are typing we start to lose the meaning of the task. So, to learn things faster the best way is to make handwritten notes.

Take breaks
One of the biggest misconception after learning new things is that you should put all your energy on the task at hand. It will overburden your brain and after a point, you are unable to retain new knowledge. So, the best option is to take a break and them start again.

Don’t try to multitask
The key to learn things fast is to really commit to that one thing at a time. Don’t time to multitask as then you won’t be able to master things perfectly.

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So, remember these amazing tips to learn the things quicker. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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