Know How Using Mobile Phone Before Bed Can Worsen Your Mental Health

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Know How Using Mobile Phone Before Bed Can Worsen Your Mental Health

Mobile phones are extremely convenient but they are the ones causing most inconvenience. The usage of the mobile phone has increased tremendously due to the advancement of technology. Even a school going child now possesses a smart phone. However, this small device along with ease brings with it lot of discomforts of which we are unaware.

Continue reading to know how cell phone use before going to bed can worsen your health.

It hurts your sleep
Mobile phones emit blue light which allows us to read what’s on the screen. The screen all day long emits the same light making our brain believe that it is daytime which restrains the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’ to release. Exposure to blue light all day long hinders the release of melatonin preventing from falling asleep. Therefore, it is advisable to stop the usage of cell phones or any other devices, before two hours of sleep. If you cannot avoid using a mobile phone, then try minimizing the brightness.

Further, the carrier frequency of cell phone is 884MHz which results in taking a longer time to get a sound sleep. The cases of insomnia are seen more in people who are too much into their phone before going to bed.

The tiny organ in the brain called pineal gland releases the hormone ‘melatonin’. This hormone is released before two to three hours of sleep when the exposure to light is not bright.

The mobile phone radiation can cause cancer
Children today are more prone to cell phone usage. The interesting applications, thrilling games, and social media make them stick to their phones. However, as a matter of dismay fact, a child’s brain absorb four times more radiation as compared to an adult. Therefore, there are life threatening chances of suffering from cancer. Hence, make an effort to keep your child away from the frequent use of mobile phone.

Melatonin also poses severe other risks
The improper release of sleeping hormone ‘melatonin’ is also a risk factor for the cause of diseases like diabetes type 2, obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, distracted memory and impairment of immune system.

Thus, avoid the usage of a cell phone before going to bed. Sleep in complete darkness to wakje up fresh and energetic next day without causing any harm to your brain. Also, try to be exposed to sunlight for a couple of hours in the day time. This improves the mood and also the circadian rhythms in the body.

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