Is saying okay all the time good for your mental health

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Is saying okay all the time good for your mental health

Many people have this habit of saying ‘OKAY’ to end the conversation. They think that it is the best way to avoid conflict. The word okay is used to agree in a situation, but if you use it frequently then it is a bad sign for your mental health. It is important to keep in mind that saying okay all the time is not okay. It shows that you don’t have any active participation in your own life, and you let other people decide things for you. Sometimes it shows that you are not interested in giving your opinions.

Furthermore, this habits sets you apart from others but not in a good way. You might feel more comfortable in agreeing with people’s opinion but in long run, this habit destroys your personality. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact of this habit. (Also read: Beat your bad habits in just 5 simple steps)

Lack of thought process
Saying okay all the time shows that you don’t spend time in thinking about things. This habit is actually just a quick escape from questioning the things that are important. It shows that you are not interested in the conversation.

Makes you appear boring
When you fail to bring forward your opinion, then people think of you as a person with a doormat personality. That means you don’t have any real opinions, just one word”Okay” to offer to the conversation. (Also read: Are the smartphones actually making us dumb)

Saying okay means that you are a pushover person
A pushover person means a person that is easy to influence and have no spine to stand up for himself or herself. This habit destroys your self-growth and personality development.

Instead of saying okay start giving feedback
When you decide to take the high road and start giving constructive feedback, then you are actually helping the other person. It makes you appear confident and intelligent. Saying okay takes away the importance of a healthy conversation. (Also read: How to forgive someone even when it is difficult to do)

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