How investing in self-care helps you to stay happy and mentally strong

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How investing in self-care helps you to stay happy and mentally strong

We all have a very hectic and packed up schedule. Sparing time for oneself is extremely out of question these days. For 24 hours we have fixed things which we keep on doing one after the other. Going for a walk, cooking, going to work, sleeping etc. are some of the daily practices of almost everyone. In such busy schedule, we hardly get time to devote to our self. Our desires, wants and needs etc. remain unfulfilled, when we stay occupied in our daily routine things. However, self-investment is extremely necessary. If we want a healthy and a long life we should devote time to the things which will turn our life into a happiness. We all need some fun and relaxing time in our life to manage the stress and ongoing struggle of our life. (Also read: How does forgiveness help to improve your mental health)

How investing in self-care helps you to be happy and mentally strong?

Indulge in physical exercise: Physical exercise and workout are extremely important to stay fit. It helps to keep us healthy and improves the quality of life. Physical movement is essential for the physical as well as mental well being of a person. It helps to reduce anxiety and make the person happy, according to the study.

Start doing new things: Monotony leads to boredom and destroys your creativity. It is utmost important for you to involve in some new things to stay happy and mentally creative. It will kill the monotony and will help you grow in life. Besides this, it fills the fun in life and makes you quite active. Not just this, taking up new challenges and indulging in new activities help the brain to develop and stay updated. (Also read:Why is it good to be proud of oneself at times)

Maintain good friendship: Our relationships make us healthy and happy. It is actually surprising to know that our relationships help us to develop. Good family bond, strong friendships, healthy love relationship all are the building blocks of the person’s mental health. Our relationships are our support system and we should try to maintain them.

Take a break and relax: Yes, we all want to be the best and earn a lot of money. However, we all need to relax and take a break. We all need some ‘ME’ time that helps us to recreate our self. Our mind, as well as our body, get tired and demands break. In order to stay healthy and mentally strong, allow your mind and body some rest to relax. (Also read: How to protect the health of brain from the harmful rays of the mobile phone)

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