Internet addiction: Signs that you are addicted to the internet

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signs and symptoms of internet addiction disorder

Signs that you are addicted to the internet

There are all kinds of addictions in the world. The term addiction means that you have an intense attachment to an activity or a thing. However, addiction is an unhealthy thing and you end up turning into a slave to your desires. Recently, people have developed a new kind of addiction that is known as the internet addiction. As the name suggests, some people find it hard to go through their day without checking the internet. The internet is certainly the home to all kinds of stuff in the world, be it information, education, entertainment etc. However, too much of it means that you are an addict. So, it is important to watch out for the signs of internet addiction. (Also read: Internet Addiction: How to get over the Internet Addiction)

Internet addiction signs

  • Losing track of time
  • Thinking about the online activity all the time
  • Lack of social life
  • The worst fear is “No internet”
  • Lack of efforts in the real life

Losing track of time

warning signs of internet addiction
You lose the track of time due to internet addiction

When you are on the internet, you are too attached to the online reality. You completely lose the track of time. That means you can actually spend your whole day on the internet without any realisation. (Also read: What are the signs of the internet sex addiction)

Thinking about the online activity all the time
Even when you are not on the internet, you keep thinking about the online world. You might be thinking about your favourite social media site or of a new viral video. No matter where you are, you mentally addicted to the internet. (Also read: Television Addiction: Ways to overcome the television addiction)

Lack of social life
You have limited your social life to accommodate the need for the internet. That means instead of actually socializing you stay away from the personal connections and just stay connected to your internet connection. (Also read: Phone addiction: Effective ways to get rid of your addiction for smartphones)

The worst fear is “No internet”

signs and symptoms of internet addiction disorder
The worst fear of an internet addict is lack of internet

When you think of the ways in which your life can be ruined, your first thought is no internet. This shows that you have string craving for internet and the web surfing and even the thought of living without it is scary.  (Also read: What are the signals that show you have got an addiction to smartphones)

Lack of efforts in the real life
The person who is addicted to the internet can be anybody, a student, an employee, a businessman. So, when they turn into addicts they lose focus on their real life. Thus, their real work suffers.

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