Inferiority complex: Signs that you constantly feel insecure about yourself

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Signs of inferiority complex

Signs that you constantly feel insecure (PC:

To move forward in life we all need a little bit of a push. That push in most cases in the fear of not being good enough or feeling inferior. To overcome this feeling people make all sorts of attempts to be better. However, sometimes the fear of inferiority turns into a complex. This complex or the inferiority complex starts to hold you back as you start to think that you can never improve yourself. So, instead of a push, you start to hide behind this fear and find yourself paralyzed by the same. It is important to recognize the signs of the inferiority complex so that you can start to fight it. (Also read: How To Stay Away From The Inferiority Complex)

Inferiority complex signs

  • Social isolation
  • Too much sensitive
  • Constant comparing
  • Letting go of an opportunity
  • Feeling of guilt

Social isolation
People with excessive inferiority complex try to stay away from social interactions. The reason for it is very simple, they don’t feel confident enough to socialize. The fear of not being good enough is so strong that keep on isolating themselves from others. (Also read: Psychology Tips Which Can Make You A Centre Of Attraction)

Too much sensitive

Signs of inferiority complex
Inferiority complex: You feel too much sensitive

When you have an inferiority complex you feel scared about the way people look at you. That is the reason that even a positive and constructive feedback can hurt you. You are very sensitive as you are very insecure. (Also read: What Are The Phrases You Say To Yourself That Affect Your Self-confidence)

Constant comparing
It is a good thing to have a role model in life. However, people with inferiority complex often find themselves comparing to someone else. They try to brush off all their positive traits and keep thinking how someone else is better than them. (Also read: Confidence About Looks: How To Be Confident About Your Looks)

Letting go of an opportunity
When someone with an inferiority complex is presented with a chance to do something better, they find it hard to take it. The reason for it is simple as they don’t think that they are worthy of the chance. (Also read: How To Build Self Confidence From Scratch)

Feeling of guilt

Surprising signs : Signs of inferiority complex
Inferiority complex: You feel too guilty

The feeling of inferiority makes you feel guilty about everything. You constantly feel low about your abilities and thus you also feel guilty about not being good enough.

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