Improve Memory: How to stop forgetting things and improve the memory

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how to remember things and not forget them

Improving memory: In order to become mentally tough and strong, one try to remember things.

Improve Memory: As you start aging, you start losing your memory. However, not just age, there are many more factors which might affect your memory. Many people have this complain that they forget to do various tasks. This makes them delay the tasks. People forget after keeping things, forget ironing their clothes or to get some important thing form the market. This makes us suffer later on. We often become the victim of our memory. However, there are some easy ways by which you can leave this habit of forgetting and improve your memory. (Also read: How depression can make you lose your memory)

Improving memory: How can we improve our memory and stop forgetting the little things?

  • Write down the work
  • Set the reminder
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Prepare your mind
  • Do exercise

Write down the work
Whatever task you have to do, just write it down on a piece of a paper. When we read and write about things, we often remember them. Our brain memorizes those things. Read those things aloud and you will not forget it.

Set the reminder

How to improve the memory
Improve memory: One must set a reminder in phone to remember the tasks to be done.

Always set the reminder to recall and memorize the things. For this, you can set the reminder on your phone. This will help you to get reminders all through the day.

Do one thing at a time
One needs consistency to do any task. We all are busy in our lives and we don’t get time to do various things. But doing a lot of tasks in a single period of time is not good. It eventually makes you forget what you should remember. Thus, do one thing at a single time.

Prepare your mind
Your mind is always prepared to solve the Soduko, crosswords, puzzles and eventually keep you physically healthy. But do not do these things on a phone call. Always write them down. These tasks prepare your mind and you memorize the things in a better way.

Do exercise

tricks to improve the memory of the person
Daily exercising helps to improve the memory of the person.

In order to keep yourself fit both mentally and physically, one must exercise daily. It helps to supply oxygen to the brain and provides essential nutrients as well. This eventually increases your productivity and makes your memory strong.

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These are some of the smart tricks to improve your memory. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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