Important Tips To Increase Your Memory Power

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Important Tips To Increase Your Memory Power

The brain is a vital organ of our body. Not only because it manages the overall body but also because our activities are the commands which are communicated by the brain. It is very important for the brain to be strong so that the memory always gets the boost. A lose memory will not let the mind work actively. Hence, if you are facing some issues related to memory power, we have some amazing tips for you. [Also Read: Seven ways to improve brain health]

Read here some important tips which can help you to increase your memory:

A proper sleep is a must:
Do not harass your mind by not taking a proper sleep. A good sleep is quintessential for the healthy functioning of the brain. Less sleep or not sleeping on time are the major reasons for memory loss, by this, you entangle your mind with varied thoughts and hampering its functionality. Therefore, a 7-8 hours sleep is essential if you want your brain to boost its memory and work in right directions. Moreover, 10 minutes short nap is also effective as it gives a boost to the brain.

Avoid being a multitasker:
Being multitasking at work is good but this also comes up with less concentration level. Doing things hurriedly to finish them up in a stipulated time lessen the activeness of mind hence, you tend to forget the thing you did on your own. Multitasking can slow you down hence, go handy with the tasks to keep the brain sharp. [Also Read: Two Minute Practices To Deal With Anxiety]

Be in an organised behaviour:
Be organised in your day-to-day tasks. Jot down things you have planned to do, by this, you will be able to cope with work easily within the time frame. If you forget few things like carrying your laptop, handkerchief, wallet or so on; put an alarm of that particular time. It will take time, but this will then be your habit hit and you’ll not forget things to be done.

Apart from the above mentioned key pointers, focus on the food you are eating. A good food gives good brain. Eat colourful fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains to increase your memory power. Also, when stressed out, practice a 5 minutes meditation to lighten your mood. [Also Read: Simple tips to boost mood and energy level]

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