What is more important emotional intelligence or mental strength

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important emotional intelligence mental strength

All our emotions are controlled by our brain. The part of our brain, which is called ‘amygdala’, works to control all kinds of emotions. This is part sends messages to different parts of the brain. Many times many people feel emotionally weak, due to which they can not work according to the situation. It is, therefore, necessary that a person should be mentally strong so that they can tackle the emotional situation. Moreover, people fail to understand the difference between emotional ability and mental strength. (Also read: Signs that reveal that you are self-obsessed)

Let’s know more about the mental strength and emotional ability:

What is an emotional ability?

Being emotionally sensible means that person who has the ability to understand and understand the emotions arising according to the circumstance and control them. Apart from this, the emotional sensible person has the ability to make an emotional decision and solve problems properly without any anxiety and stress.

Necessary things for emotional understanding:

The awareness makes any person emotional sensible. This self-awareness means that one can understand his or her feelings. (Also read: What Are The Qualities A leader Should Have)

Internal inspiration
It is necessary to keep yourself motivated for any work and circumstances. It increases emotional understanding within the person.

Being mentally strong
Being mentally strong means that when there is a balance between a person’s own thinking and his feelings. Simultaneously, being mentally strong means that the person is self-confident for any work from within.

Essential things to be mentally strong

Increase your ability to thinking
The person can be mentally strong by increasing his ability to think. It is important for the person to use his thinking power in every situation and not to think emotionally about every situation emotionally.

Control your emotions properly
Many times such a situation comes when a person can not control their emotions. The only reason for this is that the person is not mentally strong. Therefore, to be mentally strong it is necessary for a person to control their emotions properly and express their feelings according to the situation.

Difference between emotional understanding and mental strength
Being emotionally sensible can be considered as a part of being a mental strength, but being mentally strong is beyond the feelings of the person. Furthermore, the thoughts and behaviours in the person’s life affect the person’s personality.

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