UP Board Results 2018: How to support your child in case of a bad result

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How to support your child in case of a bad result

Exam results are something that not only scare the kids but also impact the parents. Every parent wants their child to be successful in life. Thus, it is no wonder that they want their child to do well in the exams too. However, sometimes the result is not up to their expectation. This is a difficult time for the kid as well as the parents. In this situation, many parents lose their temper and end up hurting the child. This is a really bad way to deal with the situation. You have to stay calm and support the child. So, let’s find out the ways for it!

Don’t take the failure personally
When your child fails in the exams it is actually very easy to blame yourself for it. This is not true, the failure is just a setback, it is not the reflection of the child’s whole personality itself.

Never resort to verbal or physical abuse
It often happens that parents lose the control of their temper. So, they end up being abusive towards the child. It can harm the overall mental health of the child.

Have an open conversation
Sit with the child, talk to him or her about the entire situation. Be very positive and in control of the emotions. Talk about the reasons that your child was unable to concentrate or didn’t perform well.

Think of all he or she is going through
It is really difficult for a child to maintain his or her mental peace during this testing time. Think of the situation and act accordingly. Stay in control of your emotions and don’t take them out on the child.

Motivate him/her
Your child looks up to you for many things. Be it help, love, care or anything else. Same is the case with motivation, your child wants your kind word to be there for him and to motivate him. So, make sure you are there for him.

UP Board 2018 exams are going to be out anytime soon. A number of students have appeared for UP Board class 10 and UP board class 12. There were approximately 3,40,1511 students who appeared for UP Board class 10th last year. Meantime, for UP Board class 12th, 26,54,492 were the participants. Last year, girl procured better marks than boys in Up Board examinations. As per the data, in the class 10th UP board results, the girls’ success rate was 86.50. Whereas the boys’ success rate was 76.75 percent. The case of success rate difference was more noticeable in class 12th Up Board exams 2017. The boys passing rate was 77.16 percent, at the same time the girls had 88.80 percent success rate.

The scale of passing percentage in Up Board class 10th was market at 81.18 percent. At the same time, 82.62 percent students passed triumphantly in Up Board class 12th in 2017.
Approximately 34.04.571 students took UP Board Class 10 examinations which were started on 6th February and were wrapped on 22nd February. In another case, approximately 26,24,681 students took UP Board 2018 Class 12th examinations. These exams begin on 6th February and lasted until 12th March. The anticipated date for UP Board 12th Result 2018 is April 15th, 2018. The number of students sitting for UP Board Examination 2018 has risen from the last year.

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