How to stop emotional eating

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how to stop emotional eating

The emotional eating is defined as the consumption of food to satisfy emotional needs rather than satisfying hunger. Most people tend to suffer from emotional eating due to stress. During this time people start consuming high-calorie and low-nutritious foods. Sometimes it is a good way to deal with emotions, sometimes it can be harmful to your health. Because of which you start to feel worse physically and mentally. If it is not treated, it may lead to food addiction and cause obesity. If you want to relieve stress, resolve your problem without taking the support of food. (Also read: What Are The Qualities That Can Make You Different From Others)

Let’s know how to stop emotional eating:

Calm down yourself
With the help of meditation or any other technique, the nerves can be rested. Many people are afraid of breathing exercises. You can choose exercises according to your mood. Removing negative thoughts can solve the problem of emotional eating. To do this, sit down comfortably and breath. Keep in mind that you stop breathing for a while and then exhale.

Write the desire to eat
Writing about food is beneficial to overcome the problem of emotional eating. Try to write something in the day. Write about your hunger and also write what you feel during that time. Always keep these notes with you. And whenever you crave to eat something, listen to fast beat songs and it will reduce the stress. (Also read: What is more important emotional intelligence or mental strength)

Keep the mind busy
Keeping the brain busy helps you to overcome stress and stops the problem of overeating. It helps you stay in that moment and prevents you from going through past memories.

Do not ignore yourself
Because of emotional eating, the person feels embarrassed. Due to excessive eating, you have an impact on your emotions. If you feel bad do not talk about negative thoughts but face them and stop yourself from eating more. (Also read: What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality)

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