How to spot a narcissistic person around you easily

How to spot a narcissistic person around you easily

Narcissism is a personality trait or in some cases a mental state to live in. It simply means that the person is extremely self-involved with a little concern for people and life outside their bubble. The narcissistic people always appear full of charm and confidence, but slowly you get to know their true side. When you are friends with a narcissistic personality or you are in a relationship with him or her, it starts harming your mental state. You start feeding to his or her inflated ego or ‘larger than life’ mental image. Therefore it is important to watch out for signs that you are around a narcissistic person. (Also read: What is Narcissistic personality disorder)

Instantly likeable
A narcissistic man or woman knows how to be in the limelight in the right way. Therefore they are instantly likeable or noticeable. It emerges from there strong awareness of self.

Diverts the topic, makes it about them
You might be having the worst possible time, but when you discuss it with a narcissistic person they simply make it about their life. It is impossible to get genuine help or compassion from a narcissistic person as they make everything about themselves. (Also read: What are the signs of an emotionally immature adult)

Never accepting their setbacks
Despite making an error a narcissistic person will never acknowledge it or try to fix it. He or she will simply try to look for a scapegoat to shift their blame.

You constantly have to flatter them
It is nice to occasionally compliment a person to spread the positive vibes. However,  you constantly have to resort to flattery to stay in their good books of a narcissistic person.

Don’t deny the title of narcissistic
For a narcissistic person, narcissism is not a problem. Therefore, when you simply ask them if they are narcissistic chances are they will accept it. In fact, they are so self-involved that they see no harm in accepting their behaviour. (Also read: What are hypersexual disorder and its symptoms)

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