How To Say NO If You Are Shy And Introvert In Nature

How To Say NO If You Are Shy And Introvert In Nature


Since childhood, our parents have taught us to not to say NO to our elders, relatives, teachers, bosses, and others. But those who are introvert and shy from their childhood it becomes difficult for them to say no to each and everyone. This happens because of their nature. If you fall under this category of human natures, then you should relate yourself with this article. You might have accustomed to thinking before speaking. Sometimes, your communication pause may be misunderstood as “silent agreement”, which is actually not right. You might want to say NO to that situation. But ultimately things became different. (Also Read: How To Build Self Confidence From Scratch)

So, here are some effective ways to say “no” if you’re an introvert or a shy person. Hope this tips will help you.

Take some time:
If you are in the middle of a conversation, there is no need to prompt immediately after the other person speak. Allow yourself some time to decide what to say. When someone asks/proposes/requests you about something which you are not sure about, just say ‘let me think about it’ or ‘give me some time to decide’. These are some type of answers you can give them. When you take the time you need to make a decision. This time taking phase will help you to leverage your inner strengths. These inner strengths are thoughtfulness, reflectiveness etc.

Being a little diplomatic is not bad:
If you need to say ‘NO’ to someone, you have to play it a bit diplomatically. Otherwise saying NO directly does not leave a good impression to anyone rather it will be considered as your arrogant behaviour to others. We are giving you some examples which will help you to understand the situation better. If any of your good friends are asking your favourite dress or your car, which might make you a bit uncomfortable, you can use diplomatic answers. Your answers should be, ‘I am planning to wear the dress on the same day you want to wear’. Also, you can say ‘I prefer my car to be driven by only one person’. These are the things can make you say NO indirectly. (Also Read: Common Things Mentally Strong People Always Do)

If someone is requesting you in a manner which makes you uncomfortable to say NO, you have to mould your answers. You can blindly use these types of statements. These answers can not make you rude or ruthless rather it would let the person feel about your dilemma. However, there are many people who do not understand what you want to say and keep requesting you by any way possible. If this types of situation come in your way, think twice, even thrice about the person and the circumstance and then directly say NO.

Moreover, you can try the “sandwich” communication method which helps you to gently turn down a person. This skill begins with a positive statement. Which seems like you are interested and then state NO diplomatically in the middle. After that, you conclude the answer with another positive statement. Sounds a bit confusing? Here is the For example:
You can say “I know you want my dress this weekend. But unfortunately, I have given that dress to my sister. Hope you understand and wear something more beautiful than my dress.” else you can say, “Oh! you need my car tomorrow? Unfortunately, I have not given it to anyone since I have bought it, Hope you understand”. (Also Read: What Are The Personality Traits Of A Manipulative Person)

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