How To Say A Direct NO To People

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How To Say A Direct NO To People

Some people hesitate to say ‘NO’ to people even when they are not willing to do favour or task for them. Saying a direct NO makes them feel uncomfortable but still, they opt for the task just to please the other one. May be by doing this they are ruining their mental peace but they can’t say a direct ‘NO’. Denying people for anything does not mean that you are disrespecting them it’s just that you cannot carry that work or thing in that particular phase. Hence, if you are such kind of a person who cannot say a direct NO, this article is for you. Read below the points which will help you to say a direct NO to people in a situation:

Know Your Value:

The prime thing to know is your own value. You need to choose your opinion before agreeing to anything. Working on the commands of others without seeking self-approval will never make you happy. Hence, know your worth and target only those tasks which satisfy you too. Once you tend to realise your value, you will be able to say a direct NO.

Saying No Does Not Tag You A Bad Person:

Saying a direct NO never makes you a bad person. It’s just that now you have known your worth and also you have become more focused towards things which are apt for you. If someone considers you being rude, selfish and annoying just because you said a NO then the problem lies within them. They have presumptions which you can’t change.

Take A Diverted Way Of NO:

If you feel yourself under pressure in any situation to say a YES but your instinct isn’t allowing then find the reason of your inner voice. Thus, be true and put forward the issue you are facing.

Reconsider Your Assumptions:

If you have assumptions like-you will be judged if you said a NO, people will bitch about you, they will question your personality and so on. Then, you are the victim and you immediately need to change this assumption. Saying a NO is a choice due to some reason hence, having these assumptions are unhelpful beliefs.

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