How to make the right decision when you are stuck

How to make the right decision when you are stuck

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Taking decision is a part of our everyday life. We constantly decide between things, from picking our breakfast to deciding the plan for the evening. We are making a decision every time but some decisions are different from others like career decision, relationship decision or any other personal decision. When it comes to making such decision even the most level-minded person panic and worries about the consequences. As a result, people often try stalling the decision or avoid it entirely. Taking decision helps to move forward in the right direction. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the same rut for your life. (Also read: How to stop procrastination using 6 simple steps)

Begin with addressing the fears
Taking a decision means stepping out of your fears. The best way to address your fears is to write about them. This way you’ll know what is stopping you.

Think of the consequences
Whatever decision you take will have an impact on your personal life or your professional life. So, before you decide, look at the bigger picture and think of the possible consequences.

Talk about it
Confiding and talking about decision helps to get more information about the decision. So, you can discuss it with your mentor, close friend or your spouse to get a clearer idea. (Also read: How to follow your dreams despite society’s pressure)

Be rational and logical
The worst mistake people make while taking a decision is letting their emotional side more dominant. So, it better that you stay calm and in control of the whole decision-making process.

Make a pros and cons list
This is an age-old idea to deal with indecisiveness. It is simple, all you need to do is get a piece of paper and write all the advantages and disadvantages of a certain decision. So, as a result, you will be able to see what decision is better for you to take.

Stand your ground
Once you have decided something be firm about it. Don’t let anyone influence you once you have decided something. Always respect your decision and stand your ground.  (Also read: How to change negative thoughts into positive ones)

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