UP Board Result 2018: How to handle jealousy when you friend scores better than you

how to handle jealousy when you friend scores better

It is well-known fact that failure and success is a part of life. Everyone must learn from their failures to achieve success in future. Surprisingly, the students who are appearing for the board exam, they don’t understand this. They feel jealous if their friend scores better grades. It is natural, when your friend gets better grades in an exam then we get jealous and search for reasons to explain that they did not deserve it. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. The feeling of jealousy erupts when a region of the brain involves processing mental pain. Apart from this, students also worry that if they don’t get over from jealousy then they might lose a very good friend. But don’t worry you can get over the situation. If you put some efforts then it will not ruin your friendship.

Here are tips to get over from the feeling of jealousy.

Accept that you are feeling jealous
You may bury feeling under the carpet but doing this you are fooling yourself. But others can easily see your actions and facial expressions. So, recognition of jealousy is the best self-defence.

Recognize the reasons for feeling jealous
You should try to overcome, once you realize the actual cause of jealousy. Moreover, when you are honest with yourself then you can realize that the feeling of jealousy can be eliminated.

Confess your feelings to your friend
If you feel, you can confess your jealousy to your friend. Being honest about your feelings is beneficial to you.

Trust yourself
If you trust yourself then you can radiate this trust onto others. Make a list of all good things about you. Then see that it regularly to remind yourself that you are fully equipped with great talent.

The results of UP Board 2018 exams are likely to be declared this month. The UP Board class 10th exams started on February 6th and concluded on February 22nd. Around 34,04,571 students appeared for the class 10th exam. While around 26,24,681 students appeared for UP Board 2018 Class 12th examinations which started on 6th February and concluded on March 12th. As per the reports, the UP Board 12th Result 2018, may be declared on April 15th, 2018.

In a year, 2017 girls had scored better than boys in UP Board Examination. Moreover, girls success rate was also high in UP Board. The UP board class 10th girls success rate was 86.50 while boys success was rate is 76.16 percent. Similarly, in UP Board class 12th has girls passing rate is higher than boys. In UP Board Class 12th passing score rate of the boys was 77.16 percent while girls were 88.80 percent. Moreover, the passing percentage of UP Board class 10th is 81.18 percent and 82.62 percent in UP Board class 12th in 2017.

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