How to get rid of your social media addiction

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How to get rid of your social media addiction

Being on social media is a good thing but being addicted to it is not at all appreciable. Socialising is a good way to stay updated about the current happenings of the world. But is it the only thing you should be indulged in? Well, it is not the case! Social media has the power to grab you in its clutches so deeply that you will not realise when you have become addicted to it. With the social media applications being so attractive, one can’t ignore them. (Also read: Why do people consume alcohol even when they know it’s bad)

Besides this, every single day, new applications are being launched which arouse the curiosity in the mind of the people to use them and review about the same. Not just this, in today’s time, being active on social media has become a trend and a flaunting game. This ultimately snatching away the mental peace of a person’s life.

How to get rid of your social media addiction?

Turn off the notifications: You might continue with your social media accounts. But make sure you turn off the notifications. It will not disturb you in between your important work and also during your sleep time. The notifications from these applications are so distracting that one can’t resist looking at them.

Involve yourself in a hobby: Instead of keeping yourself engaged on social media, try to keep yourself occupied with other things. Take up a new hobby and involve in it. It will bring some good to you and you can dedicate a good time for it. Besides this, it will give a break to your addiction towards social media. (Also read: World Mental Health Day 2017: Celebrities who have been a victim of depression and admitted it)

Limit your phone usage: Setting a limit to yourself is in your hands. Set a timer and only use social media applications for that particular time. Trust us, it will help you a lot. Limiting yourself is the best way to get rid of this addiction. Don’t get tempted to what all these applications woo you with.

Read a book: Reading is the best way to get rid of any addiction. Those who love reading can understand it well, that taking up a new book or opting for your favourite novel will help you to remain indulged in it. It will keep you away from the social media addiction. Books have the capability to bound our wandering soul and mind. MAke the most of your reading!

Social with your family members: Socialising to the world makes sense only when you are socialised enough in your family. You have the time, you have people right there for you, make the best use of it. Spend time with your family, friends and the dear ones. Just keep that gadget aside from yourself and devote the time to those people who actually mean the world to you. (Also read: How do loneliness and isolation affect the mental health of a person)

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