How to control your thoughts to stay happy and have a better life

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How to control your thoughts to stay happy and have a better life

Our thoughts play a vital role in our life. Whatever you do or you are about to do is affected by your thoughts. Yoru thoughts can either be positive or negative ones. Most of us waste plenty of time in understanding the ongoing things of our mind.Many a time,s you even know that your thoughts are harming you. Your thoughts make you depressed, lonely, scared, worried and even sad. On the other hand, there are certain thoughts that help you to stay happy, make you smile and feel proud of yourself. Our mind process more than 50-70 thousand of thoughts every day. Many of these thoughts are untamable and they get processed in our mind. Let’s discuss the ways by which you can control your thoughts. (Also read: How investing in self-care helps you to stay happy and mentally strong)

How to control your thoughts to stay happy and have a better life?

Focus on your thoughts: If you want to tame your thoughts, you need to focus on them and understand them. The thoughts are not good or bad. It totally depends on you, how you take them. Thus, don’t make an opinion about your thoughts, first focus on them and analyse them.

Recognise your thoughts: If you pay attention to the thoughts, you will be able to judge the negative and the positive ones. When you can recognise your thoughts, you can eventually control them. Thus, you can avoid the thoughts which harmfully impacts you. (Also read: How does forgiveness help to improve your mental health)

Stop the negative thoughts: If you can figure out the negative thoughts that trouble you, then you can easily sort them out. Restrict these thoughts from entering your brain and affect you. You can talk to anyone for this and convey what’s going on in your mind. This will help to control the negative thoughts.

Replace with other thoughts: The thoughts that trouble you must exit from your mind, no matter whether they are related to you or not. Replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones. You should decide what you will think, thus replace the bad thoughts with the good ones.

Implementation: When you make space for good thoughts in your brain, you need to focus on them. This will help to materialise these positive things in your life. Don’t waste time on figuring out the things that you can never have. Instead, devote time to the things that you can make your life better. (Also read: Why is it good to be proud of oneself at times)

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