How To Address The Unhelpful Beliefs About Sleep

How To Address The Unhelpful Beliefs About Sleep


When we struggle to get a nice sleep, rather we fight to fall asleep, out thoughts tend to go in unhelpful directions. These unhelpful thoughts usually affect our brain like anything. A psychologist treats this sleeping deficiency by doing ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.’ This therapy is meant for serious insomniacs. But none of these therapies can help you to stay healthy until the time you open your heart and mind to grasp positivity and good thoughts. So, there are few unhelpful ideas bombard inside your mind when you suffer from insomnia. This extremely unhelpful thought to get a good sleep are: (Also Read: Three Signs Which Indicate You Should Minimize The Usage of Social Media)

You would not be able to do the activities tomorrow
Having a bad night sleep will backfire you the next day. If your sleep was not complete at night it would definitely pressure you to wake up late in the morning. But thanks to our work life, we have to wake up at a certain time in a day. That is why the insomniacs feel uncomfortable for the entire day. The lethargic feeling and laziness provoke them a lot to get sleep. But, if think that you can not sleep at night then there will be difficulty in sleeping. try to sleep early as you are tired and stressed after having a tired day. So, always think that you will be fit and fine tomorrow.

Napping shortens the sleeping time:
Many of us are prone to avoid taking short naps because we think it would shorten the night time sleep. If this happens to you that means you are napping in a wrong way. You just have to relax simply. Closing your eyes and get comfortable but do not be overly comfortable and go deeper at the sleep. This will definitely shorten your night sleeping because of your internal body clock. There is a difference between napping and sleeping. Napping is just a relaxation with lighter sleeping and sleeping is what you get at night. (Also Read: What Are The Negative Thoughts We All Should Remove Right Now)

You have to get 8 hours of sleep:
Many of us have this belief. You might always plan your sleeping regarding the clock time. Believing this is not a bad thing. But after being obsessed with it is not a right thing. When you start counting times for your sleep, you might be depressed or stressed more about the short time of sleep that you are going to get. So, play tactfully and do not worry much about the timing. Your body knows how to maintain the over timing. (Also Read: How To Not Give Up In The Toughest Situations)

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