How does fasting during Navaratri help with self-discipline and control

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How does fasting during Navaratri help with self-discipline and control?

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Navratri is full of colourful rituals and tradition. One of the most crucial parts of Navaratri is the custom of fasting. Most people think of fasting as a part of the traditions only. However, there is much more to the tradition of fasting. Fasting during Navratri is not merely about eating in a certain way or changing your lifestyle. It about self-discipline and control. Humans are mere slaves to their senses, one of the most dominant sense is the sense of taste. During Navratri, the body learns to think beyond the wants and starts a journey of self-awareness and consciousness. Navratri is a celebration of positive spirit and victory of goodness over the evil. So, it is important that you don’t just let Navratri be just another festival in your life. Use the fasting process to learn about self-control and discipline.

How does fasting help with self-discipline and control?

Breaks the bad habits
When you are fasting during Navratri you are giving up lots of bad habits like smoking, drinking or unhealthy eating habits. As a result, the body learns to survive without being dependent on any kind of substance. Navaratri fasting teaches you that you are much more than the addictions you have. This requires self-control and positive approach.

Fasting helps with the willpower
In life, you can achieve anything you wish if you have the willpower to do it. When you observe fast during Navratri you help your mind to develop the willpower to achieve the set goals. It might look like a small thing but in fact, it is a life-changing trait. Fasting means giving up many things that you are used to. Be it change in your lifestyle or in your eating habits, the only way to do it is to develop a strong willpower.

Teaches you control
The temptation is the root cause of many negative habits. When you are fasting you learn to fight against it. Even a simple thing like giving up eating certain food item requires a lot of self-control and dedication. The important thing about fasting during Navratri is it makes you feel empowered that you are able to fight the temptation and resist the urge to give in.

Self-discipline and self-help
When you take the decision to fast during Navratri, in a way you are picking the path for your future. It might seem a little far-fetched but during the process of fasting during Navratri, you discipline your own self and you start depending on self-help to stay on the chosen path. Navratri fasting custom has a deeper meaning than what is visible on the surface. It is the first step towards self-discipline and self-help.

Spiritual awakening
The idea behind the process of fasting was to take away the temptation of the sense of taste and move towards the higher goal of life, that is the spiritual awakening. Fasting during Navratri helps to connect with the holy powers of the Goddess Amba. Navratri fasts bring you closer to your spiritual side.

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