How childhood trauma can effect the mental health of an adult

How childhood trauma can effect the mental health of an adult

Childhood is the defining time of a person’s life. Whatever experience you gain and understand as a child impacts your mental health as an adult. Most of us remember the childhood as a carefree and happy time, but it is not same for everyone. Many people have grave childhood trauma stored in their minds. It can be the death of a loved one, childhood abuse, lack of love or dysfunctional family issues. These issues steep inside the mind of the child and stay there even as the child turns into an adult. As a result, even when the child grows up, the trauma of unfortunate events has a serious impact on the mental health of the person. (Also read: What are the signs of an emotionally immature adult)

Lack of trust towards others
Any adult who has dealt with childhood trauma finds it difficult to trust others. This is because of the fact that they find it hard to move on from the traumatic incident. As a result, they keep looking out for possible pain.

Victim mentality
The victim of childhood trauma makes the person feel under confident and weak. It affects the social skills of the victim as the victim is never able to set out of the constant nightmare. The person who suffered from any childhood trauma finds it hard to get out of the victim like thinking and ideas. (Also read: What are the myths and facts surrounding emotions)

Lack of confidence
Most childhood traumatic incidents leave the victim with fear and insecurity. They never feel fully secure and comfortable in their space. As a result, it is pretty common for the victims of trauma to feel underconfident.

Difficulty in expressing emotions
As an adult, it is important to communicate the feelings in a healthy and mature way. However, for the victims of the childhood trauma, this task is extremely difficult as they have a habit of not talking about their problem as they feel that they are still controlled by their feeling.

Lack of personal bonds
The victim of a childhood trauma finds it hard to maintain social and emotional bonds as they are constantly afraid that something will go wrong. (Also read: What are the subtle signs of emotional abuse)

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