How being bilingual or multilingual affects your mental health

How being bilingual or multilingual affects your mental health

Communication is our everyday need. We express our needs and emotions using the words and a language. The concept of language is subjective the area or place you grow up in. In the world’s population, most of the people are bilingual or multilingual. The term bilingual means that the person has the ability to speak in more than one language, in the same way, multilingual means having the ability to speak in multiple languages. Also, most of the times people don’t understand that having the ability to speak in more than one language has an effect on the mental health of the person. (Also read: What are the signs of sex addiction)

The ability to adopt a language is observed in two major ways that are active and passive. Active way means speaking and writing the language, whereas the passive part means listening and understanding. Therefore, a person who claims to bilingual or multilingual has a balanced command on the both sections of the language. A research suggests that being bilingual has a positive effect on the person’s cognitive skills. When we use the term cognitive skills it refers to the fact that how our brain functions in developing the thought process. Also, a bilingual or multilingual person has a better attention span. Better ability to multitask in comparison to a person who can communicate in just one language.

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The most important and great thing about being bilingual or multilingual is that you’re exposed to two different kinds of culture. A language is not a way of communication it is also a reflection of the culture and society. Being multi or bilingual means when you thinking or speaking then you associating that cultural memory to the thought process as well.

Being bilingual or multilingual opens up your life for multiple possibilities not just professional but personal as well. Moreover, you gain a bigger circle of companionship and it reflects well in your work life. Therefore, when you are bilingual or multilingual you actually get a chance to explore more and learn more.

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