Why is it good to be proud of oneself at times

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Why is it good to be proud of oneself at times

If you are climbing the stairs of success and touch the heights of success, you will eventually realise the hard work and difficulty you have faced. In such a situation, if you feel proud of your success then there is no fault in that. However, showoff and being proud of your work are two different things. No one likes to show off. If you show off too much, it spoils your image. However, not being proud of your success means that you are not proud of your success. Bragging about you everytime is not good but there are certain conditions when being proud of oneself at times brings no harm. Let’s discuss why! (Also read: How to protect the health of brain from the harmful rays of the mobile phone)

Why is it good to be proud of oneself at times?

Better results of the work:
If you feel proud of your work and your success, then it helps you to reap good results. This is because you always try to do better things in life. This also helps you to be positive and confident about various things in life. Besides this, you extend your limit according to yourself.

Washes off negativity:
Time can’t run according to you always. In such situations, you become negative about the things. If things are not running according to your wishes, then you need to be proud of yourself, this will actually help you out. This will keep you away from negativity and will help you to proceed in life. (Also read: How to turn your haters into your lovers)

Shows your leadership
When you desire for something or care about something, you do your best to get it. You work for it. If your project or your organisation is in danger, you try your best to save it. Those who are proud of their work can handle everything even at the worst of all the conditions so that their self-confidence does not get shattered.

Shows that success matters to you
If you are not at all proud or egoistic about your success then it means that your success is not that important to you and you are not happy about it. However, if you are proud of your success that means your success holds importance in your life.

When your pride or ego can be harmful?
Excess of anything can actually be harmful to everyone. There is a limit to everything. The same goes with ego and pride as well. If you are too much proud of yourself then it makes you negative. This makes you egoistic and arrogant. Besides this, you fail to encourage yourself to become better in life. (Also read: Ways by which your self-intuition is trying to tell you something)

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