4 food items you should avoid for better mental health

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Food items you should avoid for better mental health

Our mental health is as important as our physical health. A healthy mind can achieve anything in life. There are many factors that negatively affect the health of our brain. Stress, anxiety, tension or mental issues have a very disturbing impact on the health of our brain. Therefore, it is important to know how you can improve the health of your brain. However, there is no need to worry as there as many food items that help to develop your mental health. These food items help the brain to work up to its full potential. And there are few food items as well that should be strictly avoided for better mental health. As the saying goes that we are what we eat, therefore for better mental health keep an eye on your food consumption. (Also read: What are the toxic thoughts one must avoid)

Avoid red meat and dairy
Red meat and dairy both contain saturated fats. Due to their consumption the level of cholesterol increases. It also raises the level of beta amyloid plaque in the brain. The higher levels of beta amyloid plaque can cause Alzheimer.

Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil includes refined vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, corn oil, soyabean oil etc. These vegetable oils are sources of omega-6 fatty acids. That is why they affect the health of the brain in a negative way.

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Say no to artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners contain many kinds of harmful elements which are not good for the health of your brain. The sweeteners contain a thing called saccharin. It is made of the phthalic anhydride that is not good for the health of the brain.

Decrease the amount of sugar
Sugar gives the brain a kind of rush, that is termed as the sugar rush. It increases the brain’s activity in a negative way. Especially in case of kids, sugar makes them hyperactive. If you feel the sugar craving it is better to opt for a fruit. In case of depression, sugar consumption can actually make you feel really negative. (Also read: What are the early signs of dementia)

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