How to fight the nervousness with positive thoughts

How to fight the nervousness with positive thoughts

Nervousness is directly linked to the fear you feel when starting something new. The main cause behind it that you are actually afraid of failure that you might face. Sometimes the nervousness emerges from the fact you are scared that someone might make fun of you. It doesn’t matter how confident you are, you can still face the condition of nervousness. The situation and condition might vary from person to person. For some the cause of nervousness might the exams, for others, it can be proposing to someone. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle the nervousness. (Also read: How to spot a narcissistic person around you easily)

Think positive
Your negative thoughts feed on your nervousness. That is why before preparing for an important event you must think of only positive things. Positive thoughts help you to feel confident about the situation and you feel less nervous.

Take a deep breath
When your body senses the presence offer, it secretes the adrenaline, also known as the adrenaline rush. Due to this hormone, you feel the nervousness. To calm yourself down in this situation take a deep breath or take a walk.  (Also read: What are the major differences between fake people and genuine people)

Don’t think of bad past memories
Chances are that your nervousness emerges from a shaky past experience. If that is the case you must remind yourself that you are not that person anymore, and you have worked hard to be a better contender. This positive pep talk will help you to be less nervous.

Trust yourself
It is important to have faith in yourself. Nervousness is a sign that you don’t have enough faith in yourself. So, important thing is to fight the nervousness by rooting for your own self. This way you will soon realise that all your nervousness was just due to your lack of faith.

Positive results
When you are nervous think of the outcome, think of what is waiting for you on the other side. Think of the positive result to fight the nervousness.  (Also read: How to bounce back from failures and setbacks)

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