Emotional growth: Things that suggest that you are growing emotionally

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Common signs of emotional growth

Positive ways of knowing your emotional growth

Life is a series of growth and change. When we start to experience life, we have a hard time to keep our emotions in control, especially in teenage. However, as the time goes on, only then we start to gain experience and start to become emotionally mature. Growing emotionally doesn’t mean you have to cover up all your emotions and ac tough all the time. It simply means that you have a better control of emotions. Just because you are growing in terms of age, doesn’t mean you are growing emotionally. So, watch out for the signs that you are growing emotionally. (Also read: What are the signs that show you are connected with your emotions)

Common signs of emotional growth

  • You are focused
  • Calm and at peace
  • Letting go of toxic things
  • Accepting your errors
  • You have healthy relationships

You are focused
When you are emotionally immature, you don’t know where your interest in life lies. You keep chasing new things hoping that they will make you happy. However, when you are growing emotionally you are more focused on what you want out of life. (Also read: Emotional needs: What are the most important emotional needs for everyone)

Calm and at peace
Anger is a very dangerous emotion for any person. Emotionally maturity means that you know feel more at peace with yourself. So, you don’t let the negative emotions ruin your life.  (Also read: What are some effective ways to build your emotional intelligence)

Letting go of toxic things

Positive ways of knowing your emotional growth
Signs of emotional growth: You are letting go of negative emotions

To attain real emotional growth you have to let go of the things are not good for your emotional health. This means the feeling of jealousy, anger, frustration etc. When you are growing emotionally you don’t have space for all these things. (Also read: What is more important emotional intelligence or mental strength)

Accepting your errors
Growing up means that instead of hiding away when you have made a mistake, you accept it. Asking for forgiveness is a sign of mental strength and responsibility as a person. So, if you are doing it, that means you are growing.

You have healthy relationships
Your emotional growth also reflects on the bond you share with others. When you are growing emotionally you share better and healthier relationship.

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Emotional growth is a process. You have to work to improve yourself and get better. Click the link to read this in Hindi as well.

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