Effective ways to tame your anger

Effective ways to tame your anger

Anger is one of the most primitive human emotion. It is a natural way of reacting if you can not handle the situation that you are stuck in. Sometimes anger is the response to someone else’s negative emotion. Anger can be an outcome of multiple reasons. However, most of the times anger is a quick outburst that does more harm than good. Especially in our professional life anger creates a negative and toxic environment. Many offices offer anger management courses to teach the employees about taming their anger. However, taming anger is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are few tricks that can help you to tame your anger. [Also read: Know how mental health is equally important as physical health]

Meditation and deep breathing
The simplest way to manage your anger is to go to a calm place, close your eyes and meditate. Focus on your breathing, think of positive things and try to surround yourself with positive vibes. Try to resolve the internal conflict and think about the situation rationally. Most of the times, anger is an impulsive reaction. Once you start thinking calmly you can see the other side of the story.

Drink water
Drinking cool water has a calming effect on the anger. While drinking water the brain is distracted, which helps it calm down. The cool water helps the mind to relax and control the outburst of emotions. [Also read: How Can You Heal Yourself From Old Wounds]

Take a walk
If the situation appears overwhelming it is better to step out of it and take a walk. Walking is a physical activity that provides anger with a chance to work its way through. Stepping away from the negative situation helps to think and act in the right direction.

Counting to 10
It is one of the oldest ways to deal with anger and anxiety. It includes two main factors that are time and distraction. While counting the mind finds itself engaged in another task and relaxes. Counting till 10 helps to think of better ways to deal with the situation in a better way.

All these are simple tricks can help you to communicate your needs in a better and more sincere way. Unhealthy anger can hamper your relationships and your work life. So, it is better to learn how to use it in a positive way. [Also read: Seven ways to improve brain health]

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