How to remain resilient during a crisis

How to remain resilient during a crisis

It’s would be the best quality one could have if anybody is capable of staying resilient in all adverse situations. There are people who easily bounce back from a crisis or tragedy faster than you think. What are the secrets behind such strong presence of mind they have?
Actually, some people have the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. Resilience is a skill that you can hone which helps to make you stronger. You can acquire this by regular practice and knowing things which help us to stay calm. (Also read: What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality)

some tips which are useful to remain strong in such conditions.

Keep away from negative people
Being surrounded with negative people will make our lives more difficult. If you are in a troubled situation, be with some good people so that you would get some positive vibes which can solve your problems. Bad people can only help to bring you down regardless of whatever situation you are in.
Meet some good people, adopt the good spirit they spread and you also think positively.

Pay forward
If you are happy or overwhelmed with something, just to try to pass the good vibes to others also. Being so kind to everyone can be a good quality that every one of us could cherish about. This is a positive way of dealing with the difficult situation.  (Also read: Compliments or Criticism: Which one is better for you)

Failures are inevitable
We cannot run away from failures. That’s a fact. That’s why elders used to say, every failure contains some lesson to be learned from. Identifying the missteps we have taken would help us learn and grow and correct the previous mistakes. This is how people end up being more resilient

Take a good care of yourself
Always keep a right mindset as adversity can hit you anytime. Take a good care of yourself so that you would remain happy. Eat good, drink good and think good. Maintain a good sleep so that you can make the best decision in difficult situations.

Don’t compare yourself to others
It’s very common that, we compare ourselves with others. Everybody is different in their own ways. So there is no point in comparing ourselves with others. Rather, understand that whatever hurdles or obstacles you’re facing now can make us strong and better.

Spend more time doing than thinking
It’s better to be in action than that of thinking and planning. The more you do the more you grow. People who are more into waiting or doubting, they won’t able to perform properly.
Think on other’s perspective
If you are stuck in a crisis, try to see the situation in an outsider’s view rather than panicking. Think what if your friend is trapped in a similar situation and how you are going to help him out.

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