How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally

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How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally

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Social media has not only helped us to become more accessible to the things that were once far from our reach but has also brought us closer to our dear ones who live far off. However, if the benefits of social media applications are innumerable, so are its side effects. We have become so addicted to social media that we are losing our sleep for the same. It is not just harming us mentally but physically as well. People are turning to social media animal these days and losing a lot in life.

Every now and then, there is a new online application which increases the curiosity of the user. Instead of meeting someone in person, now people are happy to maintain just a social media contact. However, it is snatching our peace and making us mentally sick. Thus, if we delete these social media applications, we can achieve some solace in life. (Also read: What are the daily habits that damage our brain)

How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally?
There is no doubt that minimising the usage of social media applications can bring some relief to our life. If one goes on a social media detox, there will be multiple benefits to the person.

Getting back the sound sleep: Once you delete the social media applications, you will definitely sleep better. We all have the tendency of scrolling through our phone while we go to the bed. A slight vibration of the phone is enough to make us awake. Thus, keeping a distance from such sleep spoilers an actually help you have a better peaceful sleep at night.

Can help you to interact in person: The usage of social media has snatched off our personal contacts. In order to meet someone in person, we believe in waving just a ‘HI’ on social media. People hardly believe in maintaining the personal contact now. Deleting the social media might make you more social person otherwise. (Also read: How to get rid of your social media addiction)

You will get rid of the fear of missing things: Once we are off the social media accounts, we give up our fear of missing out things. Human desires cannot be satiated and social media make them more prominent. We often skip the fun of the place we are at and wish for a better place. However, social media is to be blamed more for this.

You can set your health goals: We often ignore our health and keep peeping on our mobile phones all day long. Whatever leisure time we get, we dedicate it to our social media handles. However, once you go off form these social media accounts, you will have ample of time for yourself and your body.

You can pursue your hobby: Our addiction to social media is so strong that we have forgotten the things we master in. Thus, once we detox these social media from our body, we can be a better person and devote time in pursuing our hobby and the things that are actually more productive. (Also read: Why do people consume alcohol even when they know it’s bad)

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