Day to day activities that ruin the peace of mind and affect your mental health

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Day to day activities that ruin the peace of mind and affect your mental health

Some of our activities impact our mind so much so that it snatches the peace of our mind. Each one of us has certain habits that make our mind a piece of mess. We are too habitual for doing these things that we don’t even feel that they are harming us mentally. No matter how hard do we try to forget about these things, we often end up doing them. However, we commit these things unconsciously. These things not only affect us mentally but in long-term make us a mere puppet. Eventually, our physical health also starts impacting because of the same. Doing these things early in the morning disturbs the entire day and we often feel depressed, stressed and out of our mind. (Also read: How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally)

Day to day activities that ruin the peace of mind and affect your mental health?

Checking social media profiles in the morning: We can’t deny but most of us have this annoying habit of scrolling through our phone, right after we get up in the morning. Our phones are loaded with applications these days, which have made us prone to distraction and disappointment. Checking the phone in the morning is one of the bad practice which often lands us in trouble.

Sticking to the phone: People these days are so much”phonoholic”. They are too much addicted to the mobile phones that they live in a virtual world. Before eating they would first click the picture. Instead of living the moment, they will click selfies to see it later on. It is directly influencing your mind so much so, that you are losing the pace with the world. (Also read: What are the daily habits that damage our brain)

Not working towards your goals: Every person has some goals in their life. If we ignore these goals and move ahead with no aim, we are doing just nothing. We are heading towards nowhere and it impacts our mental health. We know how important our goals in our life. But not working towards them hampers our mental state.

Ignoring the mess around us: Being a lazy lad, we often tend to ignore the clutter and mess at our home and in our surroundings. Be it your study table, working desk, cupboard, room or our bed. If we are unclean externally, our mind can never attain peace. We need to clear the mess in order to have a happy mind.

Doing multiple things at a time:
Being a multitasker is a good thing but not a fruitful one. If you are engaging yourself in multiple things that a time, you will end up in a mess. It does not let you concentrate on a single thing at a time. It keeps on giving us stress and leads us to failure. (Also read: How to get rid of your social media addiction)

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