Compliments or Criticism: Which one is better for you

Compliments or Criticism: Which one is better for you

Everyone likes to be complimented. When you get a compliment on doing a good job or have an exceptional trait, it really makes your whole day. People accept the compliments with an open heart but it is always the opposite in case of criticism. When you face criticism it instantly leads to self-doubt. There are many people who think of criticism in a toxic and negative way. However, it is not really the whole truth as criticism gives you a
chance to improve yourself and be better. Both criticism and compliments have a way of influencing your mental state. Let’s get to know more about it. (Also read: What habits are keeping you away from being successful)

Compliments can make you reckless
When you are good at your job, then compliments really fill you with positive energy. However, excessive compliments make you feel overconfident about things. This makes you reckless towards your job.

Criticism pushes you forward
When you want to achieve perfection in life, then you need to be open to feedback and criticism. It is important to understand that criticism is simply a chance to push yourself harder and perform better in life. Compliments aren’t as effective as the criticism. (Also read: How to do things better and in more efficient way in life)

How to use criticism is a good way?
You can use the criticism to become a stronger and better person if you use it in the right way. It is important to take criticism in a positive way.

Listen to the criticism
Be quiet when someone is giving you a feedback. Don’t jump to defend yourself and simply listen. This will help you to see your flaws and what mistakes you are committing.

Understand the points
Criticism will do nothing to improve your situation if you don’t understand it fully. It is easy to make a sad face when you hear negative words but you can use them to bring out the best in you.

Pick the right points
It is not always possible that the person criticising you is right. So, pick the points that resonate with you and pick the right path.  (Also read: How to motivate yourself when you feel stuck in life)

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