Child irritable behavior may be the reason for the conduct disorder

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child abuse may reason disruptive disorder

Conduct disorder is a serious psychological disorder that is found only in children and adolescents. There is a lot of irritability and violence in child’s behaviour when they have such mental disorder. This mental disorder is a rare disorder. The probability of this type of disorder is more likely when the environment around the child is very violent or there is a lot of conflict in the family. This leaves a deep impact on the developing brain of the child and they become a victim of such serious mental disorder. (Also read: How to get over the feeling of jealousy)

Symptoms of Conduct Disorder
Symptoms of conduct disorder depend on the age of the child. There are some common symptoms of this type of mental disorder which can be found in children of all ages.

Let’s know about the symptoms of conduct disorder:   

Aggressive behaviour: In this type of symptom, the child becomes more violent, with the possibility of injury or any kind of accident. In this, the child quarrels with others and starts behaving very cruelly towards others. (Also read: What Are The Signs Say That You Are A Highly Sensitive Person)

Distractive behaviour: Such symptoms can be very dangerous, in this the child starts throwing household items. This also causes damage to both life and property.

To make a lot of lies: As the name suggests, the child begins to lie more and more without any reason.

Reasons for Conduct disorder
Like all mental disorders, it is a bit difficult to guess the reasons for a conduct disorder.

Biological: Due to injury to a particular part of the child’s brain, this kind of practical disorder can erupt. The damage nerves can be the reason for conduct disorder.

Genetic: In many children and adolescents, this disorder may be genetical. Apart from this, mental disorders such as mood disorder, angiogenic disorder and personality disorder are also likely to occur in children genetically.

Due to the surrounding environment: If the child has sensual consciousness and there are fights in front of him, there will always be a disagreement in the family due to this kind of environment, it has a fatal effect on the mental development of the child due to which they get conduct disorder.

Treatment of conduct disorder
Treatment done on the emergence of such a disorder depends on the causes of this disorder. Along with this, special care is taken of the child’s age and its symptoms. To correct this disorder, two methods are common methods. 

In this therapy, children are made aware to control themselves. And also to express their points without any violence. This is a kind of counselling. In addition to what the child thinks, what makes him the angriest, when he is very much happy.

When the problem is high, one must take medicines. These medicines work to balance the hormonal insertion in the brain(Also read: What Are The Signs That Your Brain Is Ageing Faster Than You Are)

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