Causes of mental illness in aged people

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Causes of mental illness in aged people

It is important for the aged age people to take good care of their mental as well as physical health. It is said that older people are prone to develop mental illness soon. A significant number of people do develop depression and dementia but they are not an inevitable part of getting older.

Old adults have a huge experience of life. Sudden work retirement, physical inabilities and sometimes negligence to family members hurt a lot in their sub-conscious mind. These mental hurts gradually develop mental disorders and neurological disorders.

Some common factors which affect aged people can include:

Retirement is a part of a life of those who have been working for last 40 years. Not everyone is ready for this change as many factors are present behind it. It can effect financial security, sense of self-worth, self-esteem and social aspect.

Retirement can also become a busy phase of life if your friends and family would give you much time. You have a lot of things to look after. If you have grandchildren then you are the luckiest person. You have time to start new activities, you can help your children in the business.

Causes of mental illness in old adults

Depression is not only an old adult problem but a universal issue of mental health. But aged people are more prone to get this disorder for several reasons. Older people have more chances of depression because of being widow or divorce, physical disability or illness, loneliness or isolation.

Neurological changes in the brain can cause depression. There are other mental health disorders which can affect older people too, they are Delirium, anxiety and Schizophrenia.

Alcohol abuse:
Alcohol abuse is a universal mental health problem. Though it is mostly unrecognisable to older people. The reasons of alcohol abuse in older age can be possible by bereavement, losses, loneliness, physical illness, loss of independence etc. Retirement depression is another possibility to drink too much.

Effect of medication:
Medication for recovering any health problems can cause various mental illness. Most of the older people take some kind of health retrieving medications which causes multiple risks.

Mental capacity and caring:
Old adults with dementia or other mental illness may be disabled to take any decisions or make opinions. Such people always need special support and attention from family members. Family members or friends are always a good source of support and affection for them.

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