Beat your bad habits in just 5 simple steps

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Beat your bad habits in just 5 simple steps

Everyone has one bad habit or the other. It can be staying glued to your phone, littering your room or being irresponsible towards your work. All these habits have a negative impact on the everyday life of the person. These habits don’t turn you into a negative person. However, every now and then you end up thinking about trying to quit them. These habits often are really old habits, as a result, it becomes hard to quit or let them go. For quitting your bad habits it is important to train your brain in an organized way. When your mind will be programmed in the right way, only then you can get rid of your bad habits. There is simple 5 step process that can help you to quit a bad habit. (Also read: Are the smartphones actually making us dumb)

Take the decision for yourself
It is important to decide that you want to quit all by yourself. It should be your own decision, without anyone’s influence. When you decide to change only then you can actually change.

Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit
When you make a list stating the reasons that you want to quit, it will help you to get the much-needed motivation. By making a list you will see why you need to quit your bad habit. (Also read: What are the reasons behind crying)

Start small, but keep moving forward
For example, your bad habit is smoking, then decide to quit it bit by bit. Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. The most important thing is to move forward.

Have a sense of self-accountability
The reason you are quitting a bad habit is to make yourself a better person. Therefore it is important to feel accountable for your self. Take your decision seriously and work towards achieving your goals. You are the only person who is going to watch your actions. That is why it is better to have respect for own self.

Reward yourself
When you successfully manage to take the step towards quitting your bad habit, then it is important to appreciate yourself. The reward can be a simple thing, basically anything that will show you that you have made so far. (Also read: How to forgive someone even when it is difficult to do)

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