Are the smartphones actually making us dumb

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Are the smartphones actually making us dumb

Today everyone is addicted to their smartphones. The smartphones are the little devices that actually carry the entire world in them. People of all age groups and status are completely dependent on the smartphones. The most common assumption about smartphones is that they are a pack full of knowledge and information. Therefore, the smartphone can help anyone to develop a smart thinking process. However, this is completely untrue as the smartphones are actually responsible for making us dumb. This may sound shocking but it is the truth, smartphone actually takes away the human curiosity and desire for knowledge. Let’s find out if the smartphones are living up to their name? (Also read: What are the signs that a person is lying to you)

Inability to retain the knowledge
When a person is around a smartphone then all the concentration of the person shifts to the smartphone. As a result, the person is unable to retain the knowledge of data. The smartphone ruins the observation skills of the person. As a result, the person fails to take the process of learning seriously and ends up with weak cognitive skills.

Reduced cognitive skills
The human brain depends on the cognitive skills to think, read, remember or carry out an instruction. When you are too dependent of a smartphone you start losing your cognitive skills. The smartphone traps its user in the temptation of an escape from real life. This leads to the reduction in cognitive skills of the brain. (Also read: What are the habits that make you a boring person)

Smartphone takes away the natural curiosity
What helped the humans to set apart from other species is the curiosity to discover things or to make the things better. After the arrival of smartphones, everyone is too busy to observe the world around. Therefore, as a result, the smartphone generation is losing the natural curiosity.

Lazy thought process
Smartphones feed the knowledge in a spoon-feeding manner. This trait of smartphones takes away the thought process that was a part of our lives before smartphones. They are changing the way you think. As a result, smartphones have completely captured the thinking process of everyone. As a result, smartphones are actually making us dumb. (Also read: Three Signs Which Indicate You Should Minimize The Usage of Social Media)

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