Amazing brain hacks to increase your IQ, focus and creativity

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Amazing brain hacks to increase your IQ, focus and creativity

Everyone desires for smartness and a great IQ level. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Your mind and brain need to be focused in order to be a master of creativity and a topper of IQ level. Not everyone is smart and has brilliant IQ level. We all have a brain but the difference is how much we use it in our daily life routine and get the most from it. Having a great thoughtful mind which s creative and has a tremendous IQ level is a blessing indeed. There are certain smart tricks which can help you to have a brilliant mind, creativity, focus and IQ level. All you need is to apply them in your daily life and notice the difference. (Also read: How to control your thoughts to stay happy and have a better life)

Amazing brain hacks to increase your IQ, focus and creativity

Value teaching: If you come across a concept, before grabbing it, understand it properly. Understand it to the point where you can teach it to others. Then, teach this concept to someone. You will see that you have attained excellence in the particular field or subject.

Write it down: When we write something, our brain automatically remembers it. It is the best trick to learn something new. Start writing it. It helps to learn the things at a faster pace. Understand it, implement it, analyse it, write it and see how well you are able to know it. (Also read: How investing in self-care helps you to stay happy and mentally strong)

Must include exercise: Exercising is extremely important to keep the body healthy and mind sharp. One must exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, to get the sharper and stronger brain. It also helps to boost the memory and improves your creativity. Wehne we exercise, our blood flows properly throughout the body including the brain. It ensures proper and efficient working of the brain.

Read a lot: When we read, we learn. You will notice that those who read a lot of books are highly intellectual. You can read anything of your interest. It helps to improve your memory, your vocabulary and will make you aware of the happenings of the world.

Learn a new language: Learning another language than your mother tongue, makes you a highly intellectual person. Even a study shows that the person who knows two languages by heart is highly intellectual and has a great level of IQ. Not just this, their brain also ages slower than the normal. (Also read: How does forgiveness help to improve your mental health)

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