Mental health: How adequate sleep is good for mental health

Mental health can be improved with good sleep.

Mental health: Adequate sleep is good for mental health

Likewise, exercise and consumption of nutritious food are necessary for good health, the adequate sleep is equally important. No matter how much time you send on physical and mental health throughout the day, it can be ruined if you do not get adequate sleep. Exercise and a healthy diet coupled with adequate sleep is the pillar of good health. Moreover, adequate sleep is really important for mental health. Apart from this, the majority of people are aware of fact that adequate sleep is important for recovery process of muscles. Unfortunately, people are not aware of fact that good sleep is also important for mental health. (Also read: Woman need more sleep: Why should women sleep more than men)

Mental health: Why good sleep is good for mental health

  • Sleep can reduce stress
  • Sleep increases your resilience
  • Bad sleep knocks your emotional balance off
  • You are smarter when you sleep well
  • Poor sleep causes the feeling of loneliness
  1. Sleep can reduce stress

    Stress can be reduced with good sleep
    Mental health: Good sleep reduces stress

    Sleep and stress are associated. The stress can lead to insomnia but a good night sleep can reduce the sleep. The people who sleep 7-8 hours daily have less stress as compared to other people. (Also read: Popular stress myths: Common stress myths that actually increase your stress)

  2. Sleep increases your resilience
    Resilience is one of the important aspects of mental health as it is a capability of bouncing back from setbacks. The consistent good sleep, provide energy to your body for tackling the problems.
  3. Bad sleep knocks your emotional balance off
    Inadequate sleep hampers the brain’s ability to regulate emotions. This will lead overreaction to situations which you could deal with more calmly after adequate sleep. (Also read: Emotional growth: Things that suggest that you are growing emotionally)
  4. You are smarter when you sleep well
    Adequate sleep is one of the best ways to ensure the proper functioning of the brain. It will also improve your memory and helps to think more creatively. The inadequate sleep makes you cause problems in the proper functioning of the brain.
  5. Poor sleep causes the feeling of loneliness
    Poor sleep causes the feeling of loneliness. The people who do sleep for 7-8 hours feels left out. This feel can be avoided by taking adequate sleep.

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Adequate sleep is very important for mental health. To improve your mental sleep at least 7-8 hours daily.

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