Which meditation techniques every man must know about

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which meditation techniques about which men should know

Meditation is very beneficial for everyone’s health whether be it a male or a female. Meditation helps to keep you mentally and physically healthy. By practising meditation, all of the negative emotions inside you are eliminated and you start noticing positiveness around you. By meditating daily, men learn to control their anger. Apart from this, if you include meditation in your daily routine then your mental development also gets better. Some men do not know about the perfect technique of practising meditation correctly. If you practice in a perfect way then you reap all the benefits. (Also read: How is meditation effective in getting rid of phobia)

Let’s know the meditation technique which men should know.

Focus on the third eye
This is the best technique to practice meditation because you can easily concentrate on focusing the third eye. To do this, close your eyes and try to focus between the two eyebrows. In the beginning, you will find it difficult to do this, keep your index finger between the two eyebrows and try to concentrate on it. It helps to improve your focus.

Focus on the empty wall
To focus while meditating, either you close your eyes or look at one point like may be an empty wall. At that time, your mind should be just about focusing on one point and not on anything else. (Also read: How to incorporate meditation into your daily routine)

Chanting OM
Chanting OM is the best way to meditate. The sound of OM produces the vibration inside you, which brings energy to your body. It is also a better technique to focus attention. Keep in mind that while chanting OM you have a vibration in your stomach and not in the throat.

Remember God
Close your eyes while meditating and remember the God you worship with your heart. It helps to create positive emotions inside you and also focuses your attention so that you can concentrate on one thing. (Also read: What Are The Types Of Meditation That Should Be Performed Before Bedtime)


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