What is Tibetan meditation and its benefits

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What is Tibetan meditation and its benefits

Tibetian culture has always stressed the importance of meditation. Their culture is deeply rooted in the idea of the power of natural elements. Tibetan meditation focuses on becoming one with nature. It is about selfless devotion towards the natural elements namely earth, sky, water, fire and air. This style of meditation promotes peace not just within, but also peace in nature. The Tibetian culture does not limit itself to the balance between mind and body. Therefore, it works towards creating harmony in the environment as well. Tibetian monks meditation style is a reflection of their culture and ideas. To perform Tibetian meditation it is important to understand the idea behind it as well. It is all about becoming one with nature. You should always keep this in mind. (Also read: What to do with the wandering thoughts)

How to practice Tibetan meditation?

Before starting the process of meditation, first of all, clear your mind. Take time to let go of all the selfish thoughts. Then, sit comfortably so that you can only focus on the process of meditation.

Take a physical object so that you can concentrate on it. Most people who follow the Tibetan style of meditation prefer the status of Budha. Keep concentrating on the object. So that you are familiar with the object completely. (Also read: What is Buddhist meditation and its benefits)

In the second step, close your eyes and imagine the object in your mind. This way your mind will be completely focused. In the first attempt, you might not imagine the object perfectly. However, with practice and time, your mind will be ready.

When your mind is stable, then you can take the step forward. Start focusing on your breathing. Think of yourself as the connecting link between nature and humanity. With every breath try to connect yourself with nature. However, the important thing to remember in this technique is that you are not doing it for your own good.

This way of meditation is about giving up your desires and temptation. Therefore, keep your mind open for uniting with nature. (Also read: What Is Reiki Meditation And Its Benefits)

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