What Is Third Eye Meditation And How To Do It

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What Is Third Eye Meditation And How To Do It

Our inner eye is our ‘third eye and it is considered as our energy centre. In a scientific way, this third eye is the pineal gland which is located in the middle of our forehead. Our third eye has a direct connection with the brain and self-estimation. When we try to meditate on the third eye the main process we follow to open the chakra (Ajna chakra). This meditation is a bit different and quite intense. People do this to get a better understanding and connection to life and inner self. (Also Read: What Happens When You Stop Doing Meditation)

How to do the meditation on the third eye?
Meditation on the third eye is nothing like a rocket science, but yes, it requires a lot of patience and intense concentration. To do this, there are certain criteria which one should follow. Hence, here we are describing those steps which will help you to understand the true meaning of third eye opening meditation.

Step 1:
First of all, you have to choose a wise place to do the meditation. The place matters a lot while doing a meditation. You can not concentrate your mind in a place which is full of crowd and materials. Thant is why this step is much important.

Just like the accurate time, the second important thing which matter is the time. You should be aware of the fact that meditation should be done in the same time every day. Also, you have to be wise while choosing the time. there should not be any backlog that you have less time for this or you have many tensions on your head. (Also Read: What Is Reiki Meditation And Its Benefits)

Positioning comes after this. Your meditation gesture should be relaxing and comfortable. When you sit in the leg folded position it helps your body circulate blood easily. That is why people do seat like this while meditating.

Breathing is quite important in this. Deep breathing is the key to do the meditation.

Step 2:
Clear your mind from every junk thoughts. If your mind is not empty, you are unable to concentrate on opening your third eye. You only have to think about the third eye. This process needs a lot of concentration and intense inner power.

You can think about 1-50 counting forward and backwards repeatedly. This can help you to have a deep concentration. And this is how you can open the third eye, your brain will feel relaxed and another level of satisfaction and energy.

Step 3:
The last step would be your consistency. It is not possible that the first time you will be successful, You should be consistently doing this at least for 2- 3months. Once you gain the achievement, your life will be changed and energetic which you have never felt before. (Also Read: Quick and easy method of doing meditation)

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