What Happens When You Stop Doing Meditation

What Happens When You Stop Doing Meditation

When someone regularly practices meditation devotedly he must notice that the life is changing towards a positive direction. Anxieties are more manageable, relationships with others are improving every day. In short, everything changes in a positive way. But as the saying goes, “Nothing is stable and immoral” many of us have experienced a sudden change in their life when they left meditating. It is a human nature, that when the things are absolutely perfect we gradually stop valuing things or we start taking everything very lightly. Thus, we stop doing meditation. [Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation]

If someone stops doing regular meditation, he would feel some weird changes in his life after 15 days or so. Do you want to know what are the changes they feel?

If you stop regular meditation, then it is natural that there will be some changes in your lifestyle. You will notice that your energy level will go down gradually. If you even try to complete your eight hours sleep, you will still feel sleepy and restless. Hence, you will get some changes in your daily life routine. You will feel exhausted after doing few tasks. After coming back from work you will feel sleepy. In a nutshell, your daily productivity will be hindered.

Difficulties in making decisions:
Meditation makes our mind very strong and active. When it comes to decision making our mind takes a little time to think over and then take the decision. When someone practise meditation regularly, he can make decisions faster than he actually does. Because meditation makes the mind strong enough to take any decision. But when it is stopped, our mind becomes weak and can not able to make the decision. It dwells between two or more things. [Also Read: Quick and easy method of doing meditation]

Mentally Weak and hurt feelings:
Anxiety, lack of sleep, poor diet and other bad activities make the life even more miserable if meditation is stopped. These all will gradually effect on the mind and make the mental health weaker too. Small things will start bothering and one can not find the answers of all the negativities. These all are potential enough to make a person weaker and hurt.

A bad diet:
When there are glitches in the daily routine, then workout part and diet also do not stay in the right place. When it comes to the right diet, then the right timing also holds a great place to provide boosts in your body. If you can not wake up in the right time in the morning, it would hamper your morning diet regime and eventually it would harm your regular digestive system. Then you will be prone to have light smacks to fill your stomach which will directly create an impact to your diet. (Also Read: Meditation should be practised regularly)

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