What Are The Types Of Meditation That Should Be Performed Before Bedtime

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What Are The Types Of Meditation That Should Be Performed Before Bedtime

While sleeping our brain starts consuming more oxygen than other times. So, this process helps us to develop the brain cells easily. That is why it is extremely important to sleep for the certain time span. But the unfortunate thing is, stress, anxiety, tension depression hinder our sleep. So, people, these days are not getting enough sleep. But, if you practise meditation before bed every day, that will promote better sleep and give your body a great sense of relief. So, you all should be aware of various night meditations and their benefits. Have a look at the following and know about it. (Also Read: What Is Third Eye Meditation And How To Do It)

Benefits of meditation before bed:
Mediation before bed has various health benefits. This process helps you in promoting good sleep which is extremely important for a healthy life. Other than that it can boost your brain to think more positively in the morning. You get a different charm, the next day which helps you to work better and take life easily.

So, have a look at the following and know what are the different ways in which you can perform meditation right before the bedtime.

Core breathing meditation:
While you are breathing deep from your core, it helps your entire body to relax well. In fact, if you have muscle stiffness, it can help you to move your muscles well. Other than that, it relaxes your mind and helps you to sleep better. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Start Meditating Now)

Mindful meditation:
This meditation is a little difficult. But regular practice can help you achieve this soon. Our mind thinks always. So, when you start mindful meditation you have to think about anything currently coming on your mind. This helps you to solve many problems and gives you an answer to the solution. So, this helps you to have a better sleep at night.

Counting the breaths:
This meditation can be done on your bed too. While doing this you have to count your heartbeat or breaths. So, to do this, you have to take a deep breath and have to count them. This helps you to increase your focus power and helps you to concentrate on things better. (Also Read: What Is Reiki Meditation And Its Benefits)

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