What Are The Different Kinds Of Hands And Fingers Positions During Meditation

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What Are The Kind Of Hands And Fingers Position During Meditation

Meditation helps in relaxing your mind and calming the soul. It is by meditation, that we can feel fresh and relaxed in this hustle-bustle of life. Meditation mudra i.e., the hands and fingers positions during meditation play a vital role. They help in maintaining the meditation posture. Moreover, our fingers and hands are the sites of sensory reception hence, they have a deep connection with the brain and can revive the energy. Therefore, there are different kinds of hands and finger positions during meditation which you all must know. [Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Start Meditating Now]

Prayer Mudra:

In the prayer mudra, you have to bring the palms of your hands together at the centre of your chest while the elbows must be at rest. It is the type of hand position most often is visible in the images of the Buddha. Hence, this mudra in meditation is used to balance your body and energy. You have to bend the fingers slightly, allowing air to pass through the fingers and hands.

Gyan Mudra:

What Are The Kind Of Hands And Fingers Position During MeditationTo do Gyan mudra meditation, you must be in a comfortable position. You have to relax your arms to the sides with your wrists resting on your knees. Bring your index fingers and thumbs to touch. The Gyan mudra produces knowledge, wisdom, receptivity and calmness. [Also Read: What are the common misconception about meditation]

Buddhi Mudra:

What Are The Kind Of Hands And Fingers Position During MeditationIf you want to increase your communication power, you must perform buddhi mudra meditation. You have to sit in a comfortable position and relax both arms out to each side with wrists resting on your knees. Draw closer the tips of the little fingers and thumbs to touch. By performing this meditation, you will be able to make your communication better.

Venus Hands:

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This position enhances the love and sexuality as it is linked with the planet Venus. Therefore, women who perform this mudra meditation, the fingers should be interlocked with the right little finger on the bottom. Moreover, for men, the left little finger should be at the bottom. [Also Read: What Is Third Eye Meditation And How To Do It]

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