What are the health benefits of walking meditation

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what are the health benefits of walking meditation

Walking meditation is a more than simply walking in the park. This type of meditation is usually done at much slower pace than regular walking. Moreover, it also involves coordination with breath or it depends upon the specific practice. Many people think that the walking meditation is quite easier than seated meditation because during walking meditation your eyes are open and you have bit more interaction with outside the world. Moreover, during walking meditation, you will be aware of each step which improves concentration. The walking meditation provides you health benefits of walking and active meditation. (Also read:  What Are The Different Kinds Of Hands And Fingers Positions During Meditation)

Let’s know benefits of walking meditation.

Calmness and relax
The walking meditation provides you calmness and relaxation. It increases your oxygen and helps you to re-energize. Moreover, you can also chant Om while practising walking. When you practice walking meditation you will attain happiness and freshness.

Improves concentration
The walking meditation is very beneficial to improve concentration. During walking meditation, it is necessary to focus on your steps and breath, which helps to make your concentration very convenient. (Also read: How To Practice Loving Kindness Meditation)

Improves digestive system
The walking meditation is very beneficial for improving digestive health as it keeps bowel clear. The walking meditation not only clears your mind but also reduce drowsiness after eating.

Helps you to know your body
The walking meditation is very beneficial to establish a connection between mind and body. It helps you to know how you carry yourself while walking.

It connects you more deeply with the environment
Walking meditation helps to connect with the environment as the air is flowing in and out of our lungs, the sights establish the bridge. Moreover, the environmental connection also cultivates situational awareness.

Gain energy
When you feel tired or sluggish try walking meditation. The walking meditation provides energy to the body and mind.

Ease stress
The walking meditation is very beneficial for reducing emotion or stress. Moreover, the action of walking is more relaxing than sitting meditation. (Also read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Start Meditating Now)

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