What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation

What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is garnering a lot of curiosity these days. The health benefits associated with the practice are several. Hence, they can be a part of your day-to-day routine.

Pain Relief-Jyoti Meditation
Jyoti meditation involves focusing on a candle flame or the light emanating from a lamp, to feel the light, the warmth in the heart and to the body from there. Study results show that those who were assigned to meditate- Jyoti meditation complained of lesser pain as compared to those who exercised. The researchers concluded that meditation helps to relieve chronic pain and help patients to cope with pain better.

Stress Reduction
Stress Meditation lower heart rates and reduce the levels of stress. Moreover, studies say, that individuals those who practise Stress Meditation are good in nitrate levels in their blood, which helps to manage and reduce blood pressure. The study has also shown that individuals who had recently begun meditation have a relaxed body and mind.

While meditation may not keep you young forever but it has been effective in slowing the signs of ageing to a great extent. Meditation boosts the activity of telomerase, an enzyme that shields and lengthens telomeres. Telomeres are present on DNA strands and their length is indicative of ageing—longer the telomere, slower is the person’s ageing.

Benefits those suffering from PTSD
Transcendental meditation (TM) helps the person to get relief from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and anxiety disorder. The researchers studied a group of active duty service members of Army who were already diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety disorder.

Thus, half of the group was instructed to practise TM while the other half that formed the control group did not. Unlike most forms of meditation, TM does not involve breathing or chanting; instead, it focuses on attaining a calm mind. After consistently practising TM, the soldiers reported that they were less irritable, the quality of their sleep was better and their relationships were improving.

TM also decreases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system involved with producing fight-or-flight stimulus. TM, on a regular basis, is, therefore, reported to have a calming and healing effect on the brain.

Reduce risk of cardiovascular ailments
Transcendental meditation helps to bring down blood pressure. Women, who have completed menopause. The study also shows their cardiovascular health and it was found that the longer women practised meditation, the lower were their chances of developing a cardiovascular disease.

Enhanced sleep
Cyclic meditation is a combination of yoga poses with supine rest, which makes it ideal for beginners. It also enhance sleep and people who practise cyclic meditation never wake up during the night.

Relief from psychological disorders
Patients who suffer from schizophrenia tend to experience relief from their symptoms of unsocial behaviour, reduced motivation, and a decreased ability to feel pleasure when they practice loving-kindness meditation.

Promote heart and lung health
A research conducted found that meditation helped patients suffering from congestive heart failure.

Lowers headache
The patients who practise meditation reported a 1.4 level drop in the incidents of migraines per month as compared to control group patients.

De-addiction therapy
The Qigong school of meditation combines relaxation, breathing, imagery, mindfulness to help attain a state of calmness. And patients who meditated have completed their de-addiction treatment successfully. In addition, the individuals who meditated also had reduced anxiety, fewer withdrawal symptoms and a considerable decrease in their cravings.

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