Quick and easy method of doing meditation

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Quick and easy method of doing meditation

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Meditation has its own techniques. The simplest and effective techniques of meditation are widely practices around every corner of the world. In our super fast and busy lives, we are running out of time every day, every moment. Meditation is not just a technique to find your inner self but it is something which needs a lot of attention and respect. Proper lighting, candles, some peaceful music, burning incense many more preparations you have to take before beginning the process. But because of the process sometimes people get distracted by the lack of time and the time they have wasted to prepare everything.

Hence, here we will tell you about mantra meditation technique which you can do anytime, anywhere without any preparation. Let us have a look at the technique.

The Shortest and Easiest Techniques of Meditation:
This technique does not require you to prepare anything. You do not even have to sit or close the eyes. In fact, keeping your eyes open also will help you to practice meditation. It takes only a few seconds to become a free-bird from sorrow, fear, and uncertainty. The steps are clearly defined below:

1. Wherever you are, just bring all your senses and awareness to your breath. Stuck your focus to your belly and also allow the core and the belly to soften and deepen your breath process. However, it is not easy, but your mind should be too much focussed on understanding this.

2. Now you have to convince yourself that you can do it. Repeat to your soul that “Breathing In, I calm myself. Breathing out, I smile.” This should be your enchanting Mantra. Do this continuously until the time you do not feel you are calm.

3. Gradually you have to find out that you are getting a curvy smile. Curling corners of the lips are automatically letting you know this.  You are smiling slightly, even if just a tiny little bit, even if you have to pretend, keep doing it. The subtle smile will bring relaxation and let you understand the message which says “all will be OK”.

4. That is it! It is simple and quick. It doesn’t require any preparation. But yes, try to avoid a place away from the crowd. Try it and feel free.

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