Meditation should be practised regularly

meditation should be practised regularly

Meditation is the simplest exercise to stay healthy and live a happy life. It is an ancient practice that helps to control your own mind and discover yourselves. If the practice of mediation is carried out regularly basis, it can yield the life changing results.

You will feel mentally fresh and deal difficult situations very easily by practising meditation daily. Moreover, it also helps to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and all the factors that make us unhappy.

Here are the reasons why meditation should be practised regularly.

 Stress Reduction

Meditation works effectively on your nervous system and reduces the stress better than anything. It cut down the production of stress-related chemicals like cortisol. Moreover, it also increases the production of mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin.

Improves health

The regular practice of meditation boost the immune system, control blood pressure and decreases cholesterol levels. It also helps in speedy recovery even in the case of the flu. The meditation is very helpful to heal headaches and to prevent them from recurring.

Increases consciousness

You will become more connected with your surroundings if you practice meditation regularly. The meditation also helps you to shed away lower levels of consciousness and start vibrating high level of energy in you.

Transform short tempered into reasonable man 

The mediation transforms a short tempered person into a reasonable man. It has the great impact on how you respond to situations. The person who meditates regularly have control over on his anger and also react very decently.

 Helps to achieve goals

The regular practising of meditation causes changes in the brain that improve the functionality of the brain. It also helps to eliminate negativity from the mind and strengthens the brain to achieve set goals. The meditation practice makes you stay focused and also divert the factors of distraction from your mind.

Apart from everything, the meditation also broadens the consciousness, which helps you to understand feelings and thoughts more deeply.  And the more conscious you become through meditation, the more control you get over your emotions, and more likely you start living happily.

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