Meditation During Pregnancy: How to meditate while you are pregnant

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Meditating during pregnancy helps to keep the mother physically and mentally strong.

Meditation During Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a mother has to undergo a lot of physical and mental changes in the body. This makes a mother fall into depression. During pregnancy, the mother remains worried about the health of her unborn child as well. Thus, in order to get rid of the stress, meditation is a good option. Meditating during pregnancy is extremely helpful. It helps to boost the immunity of the pregnant lady, reduces stress, reduces the risk of pre-term labour. Let’s discuss how to perform meditation while you are pregnant. (Also read: Meditation during pregnancy: How does meditation help a pregnant woman and her child)

Meditation During Pregnancy: What is the right way to meditate during pregnancy?

  • Find a peaceful place
  • Take a deep breath
  • Hold your breath
  • Practice daily

Find a peaceful place
While meditating you have to concentrate on your self, thus to practice it, find a peaceful and comfortable place. Outside home, park, garden etc. are the best places for meditating. Make sure, no one disturbs you there.

Take a deep breath
Before starting the meditation, one has to first learn how to focus on the breaths. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. When you start feeling relaxed, then breathe out from your nose.

Hold your breath
While taking a deep breath, hold your breath for some time. This will help your body to get an adequate amount of oxygen. You can use any sound like Om, So Hum. While taking a deep breath say, So and while exhaling, say Hum. This will help you to hold the breath for a long time.

Practice daily
Initially, you will find it difficult to concentrate and control your thoughts. Don’t worry and keep trying. While meditating, it is difficult for you to concentrate on your thoughts. Practice every day and you will learn gradually.

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These are some of the ways to meditate effectively while you are pregnant. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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