Meditation can help you to have better sleep

meditation can help you to have better sleep

Many of us face trouble while sleeping. We toss and turn on beds as we get impatient with million of thoughts which buzz our heads. The best way to get a good sleep is to practice meditation.  Incorporating this habit in our daily routine would help us to understand the root cause of the sleep disorder. Stress due to long work hours, illness, poor diet, unhealthy sleep habits, etc can be some of the factors which lead to poor sleep. Meditation is helpful to calm the mind and helps to lower the stress.

Regulating our responses to a particular situation can help us to deal with stress. Meditating daily help us to bring down the level of these stress hormones which is effective in giving a better sleep.

It won’t be always easy to identify the problems which lead to this disorder. Therefore, you have to feel the presence of the troubles inside of your head. Meditation can help you to understand the problems you are struggling with. It is because meditation helps you to understand yourself better and also help you to cope up with different situations.

Tips to help you sleep better:

How can meditation help you sleep better?

Establish a pattern for your sleeping. This will help you adjust your body’s sleep cycle. Since 6 to 8 hours of sleep is adequate for most the people, you have to adjust your sleep pattern accordingly. Also, try not to sleep during the day as it can hinder your sleep at night. Though a short nap in the day time won’t affect your sleep at night.

It has been proved that 20 minutes long meditation can help you to relax as much as 8 hours of sleep can. To experience the maximum benefits of meditation, try to meditate as regularly as possible. This will not only help you to relax your mind but will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep patterns get disrupted if you don’t get adequate time to relax throughout the day. Try to meditate with an empty stomach in the morning or immediately after you take a shower as it would bring the maximum benefits.

Adjusting your meal times is also necessary for a good sleep pattern. As the digestive system naturally slows down by the end of the day. Late meals pressure the latent digestive system to act badly, making the body more alert and not quite ready to wind down and rest.

The diet that you follow on a day-to-day basis also plays a significant role in forming your sleep patterns. Eating a heavy meal or having snacks little before going to bed can also disrupt your sleep. For a good sleep at night one should incorporate dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and grains in their diet which are easy to digest.

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