How Trataka Meditation Gives Peace To Mind

How Trataka Meditation Gives Peace To Mind

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Our eyes and mind are connected to each other. Almost half of our brain works on the visual which is the functioning of our eye. Among the five sense organs, the sense of sight empowers the functioning of the brain. We blink our eyes often while we are looking at something and create impression on the brain. The continuous gaze at something, on the other hand, leaves our brain blank. Hence, this is what Trataka Meditation is all about. The still eyes are capable to calm the mind in the form of meditation.

Trataka meditation gives peace to mind because it helps the brain to relax and get still. The trataka is a meditation practice which involves focusing the eye on an object like a lamp or candle flame. This is the middle type of tratak meditation. The trataka meditation works well with the candle image as it creates a sharp impression when the eyes get closed. The trataka meditation is said to improve eyesight, memory power, concentration and many eye problems.

How Trataka Meditation Gives Peace To MindThere are three stages of trataka meditation:

External: In the first stage, you take flame or lamp as an object to focus on and create an impression on the brain. By this, you align your energy in one stream.

Internal: In the second stage, you concentrate on the mental image of the object you have created. It may be a flame or any scene which you choose. You close your eyes and focus on that particular image created in mind.

Void: This is the third stage of trataka meditation wherein, you can either gaze at the sky (Sky Gazing) or you can take two visual objects in your mind and concentrate on the space between them.

The trataka meditation helps immensely in giving peace to mind by eliminating all sort of distraction and letting the eye to relax and gaze at one point. When the eye relaxes, it commands the brain to get calm. Trataka meditation improves mental health and also helps in developing the psychic powers. You just need to sit in a relaxed posture and focus on the flame or object.

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